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Whitney is a developmental editor extraordinaire. She has an amazing eye for grammar, sentence structure and the vocabulary of a seasoned writer. I was extremely fortunate to have Whitney beta-read two of my manuscripts and the feedback provided has been invaluable. Whitney understands the intricacies involved in developing a character and pacing a story and most importantly, will guide you on how to improve your manuscript, while still maintaining the voice of your characters.


It is extremely important for an editor to understand your particular vision and Whitney does this exceptionally well. Whitney has mastered the art of providing critical feedback while still remaining kind and constructive. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity of having Whitney take a look at my manuscripts and would encourage you to reach out to her as well!

---Megan Shunmugam, author of Phoenix

Hi Whitney! First off please let me say that I am completely blown away at the reply and work you put in for me. I am utterly speechless!! This is completely what I needed to see, and I feel like an 800lb. stone has been removed from my shoulders! Really, I am floored!

---John St. Clair, author of Stalin's Door

Whitney proofed and edited my Honor's Thesis - PTSD and the World Wars - during my senior year at the University of Alabama. Her understanding of flow and readability helped me change my sponsoring professor's opinion from, "No way you can pull this off." to, "I can't believe you were able to do this. Great job!"

---Harlyn C.

I asked Whitney to read through a script I'd written for a local theater company. I wanted her thoughts on story pacing and character notes. She was supportive and asked good questions regarding scripted stage direction and character believability. The show was well-received by our audience. 

---Scott L. 

I had to write an essay when applying to a very competitive major course of study at my university. I knew the content was good but, as a science/math brain, I wasn't sure about the wording. Whitney went through my essay with a fine tooth comb and edited/revised my words while maintaining my voice. She suggested alternative phrasing and words when my own had seemed simple. She is precise without being pretentious. I was accepted and will start my new courses in the fall. 

---Jessica R.

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