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Currently enrolled in an MFA Creative Writing Program, I have rediscovered my love for the editing and revision processes. I thoroughly enjoy helping other writers shine! (No, I am not a masochist.) Serving new and emerging writers as a proofreader and beta-reader is an incredibly rewarding way to spend my time. Occasionally, those writers reward me with ARCs of their finished novels as they prepare for publication. I could not be more grateful.

In my own creative space, I write historical, speculative fiction which focuses on the "What if?" questions by applying a magical realism twist to everyday happenings. I like the idea that ordinary people have extraordinary potential. After all, don't we all wish we could wave a wand, or twitch our nose, and change the way history played out? What would happen if we could?

My husband and I sent our collective six children off into the world to live their own lives and upgraded with two Siberian Huskies who make us wonder what we will talk about when they're no longer with us. When we aren't coddling the pups, we can often be found on our motorcycle, loudly blatting along the back roads surrounding our community. He enjoys driving as fast as possible while I attempt to make peace with the idea that a fiery crash is a fitting end.
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