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Published Work

Like you...I do put myself out there for publication. 

Here are my successful attempts so far.

SAVING EVA. Southern Gothic Family fiction set in 1966 Mooresville, AL. Pre-orders now available. Launching September 1, 2023. 


Eva Burnette has been helping people her entire life. Always when they asked but often when they didn't. She follows her heart to where the needs are greatest and does what she can to set things right. She lives simply and honestly on her small farmstead in Mooresville, Alabama enjoying the fruits of her labors and communion with her God.


In the summer of 1966, when she and her granddaughter, Lora, discover a neighbor's son hiding in the garden shed, afraid he may have killed a man, life gets complicated for everyone involved. The young man, Leon, is black and the dead man is white. Ethelred Bumpus was a drunken, violent, community nuisance that no one will miss or mourn but nevertheless, Leon is in trouble. For Eva, the choice is clear. Leon must be protected.


Eva trusts that Bumpus's death will be written off as an accident and turns her mind to more important matters. After all, it is peak garden season and she has weeds to battle. Bumpus continues to upheave lives when Eva is arrested for his death. The community of Mooresville is rocked by this turn of events and the tendrils of gossip grow faster than kudzu. For the first time in her life, Eva must rely on the love and loyalty of friends and family as they rally to save her from spending the rest of her life in prison.

Praise for SAVING EVA

"Sass, charm, and 'bless your heart' humor infuse Saving Eva as a laugh-out-loud Southern family saga that brings a tumultuous time in history to vivid life. Fans of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe and Steel Magnolias will enjoy this one." - Carrie Dalby, Author of The Possession Chronicles

Mercedes Fun Car. Creative non-fiction published on Humans of the World blog, 2 February 2022

About Humans of the World 

In a world more divided than ever, Humans of the World or HOW seeks to display literature from people of all different backgrounds.

We believe that people have similar innate desires. On the outside it's easy to judge and focus on external differences, but a closer inspection reveals the underlying commonalities we share.

Happiness, love, acceptance, and friendship are a few amongst many of our deepest desires that everyone strives for.

I Got Needs, Man... micro-fiction published on The Drabble "Shortness of Breadth" page, 15 December 2021

About The Drabble: 

The Drabble is a site dedicated to publishing original fiction, non-fiction, and poetic works of 100 words or fewer. Publishing one submission per day, you can count on fresh content with every visit. 

Colo R in the Poetry section of Issue 8 of Fleas On the Dog. Poem #23.

Fleas on the Dog Editor Comment: 

WHY I LIKE IT: Poetry Editor HEZEKIAH writes… Whiney Reinhart is a peach. ‘Newly come to the writing for others to read world,’ as she says, without a hesitation of hyphenation. ‘A happy [pandemic enhanced] recluse who lives in Arkansas.’ Her poem ‘wormed its way out of [her] head and onto the page.’ To me it reads like a most transcending testimonial to and for anyone who has lost a loved one to some form of dementia. I just can’t fathom why she confesses to disliking them both in the end… it is as worthy a read as I am easily confused; and I just wish she or someone could throw me a line and explain her last two…

And in the end... as published by 29 May 2021

About Pocket Fiction: 

Specializing in shorts and dribbles, UK-based PocketFiction brings readers complete works which can all be enjoyed in the space of a coffee break. With a broad range of genres represented, PocketFiction ensures you can escape the mundane for just a bit, no matter how busy you are. Feel free to browse around...after you've read my story, of course. Ha!

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