Published Work

Like you...I do put myself out there for publication. 

Here are my successful attempts so far.

Colo R in the Poetry section of Issue 8 of Fleas On the Dog. Poem #23.

Fleas on the Dog Editor Comment: 

WHY I LIKE IT: Poetry Editor HEZEKIAH writes… Whiney Reinhart is a peach. ‘Newly come to the writing for others to read world,’ as she says, without a hesitation of hyphenation. ‘A happy [pandemic enhanced] recluse who lives in Arkansas.’ Her poem ‘wormed its way out of [her] head and onto the page.’ To me it reads like a most transcending testimonial to and for anyone who has lost a loved one to some form of dementia. I just can’t fathom why she confesses to disliking them both in the end… it is as worthy a read as I am easily confused; and I just wish she or someone could throw me a line and explain her last two…

And in the end... as published by 29 May 2021

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