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Finding Time to Write

I have a question for my fellow writers.


I don't mean how do you organize your writing time. I'm not concerned with how much time you spend putting new words on the page versus how much time you devote to revision. I mean, how do you find time to write? If you have a paycheck job, when do you write? If you have a never-ending SAHM/SAHD job, when do you write?

I am incredibly fortunate to be a SAHDM (that's Stay At-Home Dog Mom) and let me tell you, these little dudes keep me busy. We can lay on the couch ALL day and they don't budge. Yet, it is obvious that they hate it when I sit down at my computer for any reason. Plop myself in my desk chair, get the laptop going, and suddenly they need more water, more food. Doors need to be opened. Doors need to be closed. I need to immediately go check out a very exciting new something they found in the yard. The huffing and howling are incredibly distracting.

COVID lockdowns were glorious for this preferential hermit. I love being at home and lockdowns were a perfect excuse to avoid people. Now that the world is open again, well, all of a sudden my husband is concerned about my mental health. He says I need to interact with people (glech). And so I schedule at least one lunch/drinks/coffee with a friend a week. He says I need a job (bleh). Fine, I'm looking. Ish. He says I need a hobby which requires leaving the house (half-hearted meh). Okay, I joined a yoga studio and participate in 3-4 practices a week.

These things are all wonderful. I won't argue with that. I love catching up with my friends. I wouldn't mind having a job again. I thoroughly enjoy finding strength on the mat again. But, I admit, it's a struggle to get motivated to actually follow through with these activities. Showering, putting on clothes, driving. So exhausting.

Still, you'd think I have loads of time to write. And yes, I am aware that I have more potential time available than most. Thirty minutes or an hour here and there just doesn't feel like enough. And yet, I know so many incredible authors who have written gorgeous books, short stories, essays, etc. in their "spare" time. What am I doing wrong? I feel like such a schmuck!

Any advice you have for some self-discipline would be lovely.

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