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Whitney Reinhart
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Welcome to meanderyme!


My first novel, SAVING EVA, is currently being revised and edited for the third time. (Only a zillion more rounds to go!) This activity entails lots of procrastination and under-breath muttering on my part. I am glad I can claim to be talking to her dogs instead of having to admit I am talking to myself.

In a lifelong (and not at all weird) love affair with the written word, I believes everyone can write effectively. Whether you are composing emails, research papers, or conjuring epic high fantasy, if the writing distracts from the purpose, the message is lost. I have a knack for clearing away narrative rubble and exposing the best path for a story without disrupting the beauty of the journey. 

Contributing member, and #SPFBO8 judge, of the Stabby nominated BeforeWeGo book blogging team! 

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